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Birds and Mammals Section:
The section aims at developing a specimen database of birds and mammals endemic to Taiwan and establishing itself into a key research hub for promoting the study of Taiwan¡¦s birds and mammals. The section presently keeps around 5,500 bird specimens, representing 18 orders, 72families and 408 species, and about 4,600 mammal specimens, representing 13 orders, 39 families and 153 species. These specimens are kept in the form of fur, skeleton, liquid and frozen preservation. There is also a small quantity of bird egg specimens. In recent years, the section started to collect recordings of bird songs and calls. Now the total recordings have amounted to as many as 60 hours.

Its specimens are mainly made of dead animals which obtained from relevant departments of colleges and universities, birds associations and the general public. Some are donated by local governments and national parks. Detailed records of each specimen, including their source and relevant data, are well maintained in written forms. They are also computerized to provide a convenient interface for carrying out statistics and inquiries. Specimens and relevant data are available for research, exhibition and education purposes, as well as for international specimen exchange programs. They can also be used for identification and in learning activities by amateurs.

Amphibians and Reptiles Section:
The section is among the earliest sections established in the Museum. It is responsible for the collections of specimens, sound recordings and frozen tissues of amphibians and reptiles. The specimens are mainly obtained from field collections by researchers and donations by private collectors. Most of them are liquid-preserved. The section presently keeps around 13,000 specimens and 3,000 entries of specimen data. Most specimens are species endemic to Taiwan with only few exotic species obtained through inter-museum exchange programs. With the staff¡¦s endeavor, the section now possesses the most complete specimen collections of anurans and their tadpoles in Taiwan. It also has a very complete collection of amphibian calls along with many recordings of cicada sounds and bird calls. These sounds and calls have been categorized and put onto compact discs for permanent preservation and can be used for research and analysis purposes at any time.

The section aims at establishing complete collections of amphibian and reptile specimens endemic to Taiwan proper and surrounding islands. In the long run, it intends to expand its collections to include specimens from mainland China and Southeast Asia. In the coming decade, it will work closely with relevant institutes in the above-mentioned areas to improve collections of and research on amphibians and reptiles in Asia.








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