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Vascular PlantsVascular Plants
Type and Old Specimens of Vascular PlantsType and Old Specimens of Vascular Plants
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Henry List
Henry no.Henry Scientific NameType
154Ilex formosana Maxim.Ilex formosana-Isotype-K
163Tripterygium wilfordi Hook. f.Tripterygium wilfordii-Isotype-K
163Tripterygium wilfordi Hook. f.Tripterygium wilfordii-Holotype-K
290Derris laxiflora Benth.Derris laxiflora-Holotype-K
290Derris laxiflora Benth.Derris laxiflora-Isotype-K
319Rubus formosensis O. Kuntze. Rubus formosensis-Isotype-K
338Hydrangea chinensis Maxim.Hydrangea chinensis-Isotype-K
501Aster oldhami Hemsl.Aster oldhamii-Holotype-K
557Lactuca formosana Maxim.Lactuca formosana-Isotype-K
620Ligustrum sp.Ligustrum formosanum-Holotype-K
630Anodendron benthamianum Hemsl.Anodendron benthamianum-Holotype-K
637Tylophora hispida Decne.Tylophora insulana-Type1-K
638Tylophora sp.Tylophora insulana-Type2-K
668Erycibe sp. nova!Erycibe henryi-Holotype-K
668Erycibe sp. nova!Erycibe henryi-Isotype-K
726Rehmannia oldhamii Hemsl.Rehmannia oldhamii-Syntype1-K
726Rehmannia oldhamii Hemsl.Rehmannia oldhamii-Isosyntype-K
726Rehmannia oldhamii Hemsl.Rehmannia oldhamii-Syntype2-K
745Strobilanthes formosanus S. MooreStrobilanthes formosanus-Type1-K
790Pogostemon formosanus Oliv.Pogostemon formosanus-Isosyntype-K
888Chloranthus oldhamii SolmsChloranthus oldhamii-Holotype-K
942Daphniphyllum glaucescens BlumeDaphniphyllum glaucescens var. oldhamii-Holotype-K
967Celtis nervosa Hemsl.Celtis nervosa-Holotype-K
977Ficus formosana Maxim.Ficus formosana-Isotype-K
1017Pouzolzia elegans Wedd.Pouzolzia elegans-Holotype-K
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