NDAP PhaseII (2007 ~ 2012) > Institutional Projects

A Sub-program for the Establishment of a Geological Knowledge Database based on the Geological Digital Archive

The geological specimen collection of the National Museum of Natural Science (this museum) has been increasing steadily each year since its establishment (see the brief introduction in the Phase I program). In Phase I of the Digital Archive Program, the unique geological collection held by this museum will be digitized, and a public “Geological Knowledge Base” will be established. However, because of the very many categories and specimens in the collections, it is not feasible to show the diverse geology of Taiwan in only 5 years. Instead, during phase 2 of the plan, the emphasis will be on the minerals, rocks and fossils of Taiwan to enable the public to learn more about the changes in the history of the earth, the species from different geological periods, and the look at the environment of the country. The contents of the archive will be deepened and broadened and we will establish a “Digitized Geological Resources Database” that covers the natural history of Taiwan to as great an extent as possible.

In addition, a complete natural and humanistic resources knowledge system for the use of industry and academia for development and research purposes is to be pursued through the “Integration and Establishment of Natural Science and Humanities Knowledge Databases.” This will involve the integration of the knowledge bases from each academic team in the museum, the establishment of a management platform for the digitized knowledge database, and the design of the web portal and inquiry services.