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The Knowledge Database of Lowland Plants in Taiwan

The second stage of the “Knowledge Database of Lowland Plants in Taiwan” takes advantage of the museum and uses the foundations of the digitized content for low-elevation vegetation cover. Furthermore, species not previously collected by the museum are introduced. A very important goal of the project is to educate people about the ecology and specific characteristics of various lowland plants in the country and enhance the knowledge about ecological protection in the general population. The database can also be used by foreign researchers to learn about the low-elevation vegetation cover of the island and also as an excellent teaching tool for different educational groups.

The “Virtual Arboretum,” “long-distance education” and other aspects of this program allow life-long learning philosophies to be realized. A well developed database will also provide more convenience for the implementation of research, education, monitoring, development, conservation, management and other tasks in the future. The implementation of this “Digital Archives” program is very important and valuable. It is a matter that can be delayed no longer.