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Plan for Digital Collections Value-added Applications and Community-based Operation through Virtual-Physical Integration

To realize the objectives of the Digital Collections and E-Learning Academic and Social Applications Promotion Sub-plan, building on the foundations provided by the results achieved in the Digital Collections Integrated Knowledge Base, Digital Museum Website, Children’s Digital Museum Website and Cross-institution Digital Collections Joint Catalog items of the First and Second Stages of the digital archive project of the National Museum of Natural Science is leveraging the three million visitors that it receives every year in digital collections promotion. Digital collections and the Museum’s physical displays are being packaged together, adding value in the process. A development model has been formulated that incorporates the integration of digital and physical collections, the implementation of promotion service before, during and after visits to the Museum, the establishment of different promotional service formats for ordinary members of the public and schoolchildren, and a community-based sustainable operation and development strategy. The idea is to integrate the Museum’s existing strengths in terms of physical and digital promotion resources, leveraging the promotion service and community participation platforms established for the Digital Collections and E-Learning National Technology Development Program and the Ministry of Education’s Digital Museum Flagship Plan to package and integrate the Museum’s own digital collections plan resources and the Program Office’s cross-institution joint catalog digital collections resources on a systematic basis according to nature and humanities learning topics. These will then be integrated with the Museum’s displays and educational outreach resources, emphasizing the five key aspects of “integrating the digital and the physical”, “integrated pre-visit, in-visit and post-visit promotion”, “tailoring promotion to meet the different needs of schoolchildren and ordinary members of the public”, “cross-media platform dissemination and promotion”, and “community-based operation and development”, to expand on the basic model of using the Internet to disseminate digital collections and develop it so that service is being provided to the three million people who visit the Museum every year and to elementary and junior high school students throughout Taiwan. At the same time, membership, tailored service provision and community participation and sharing mechanisms will be used to develop new digital collections applications and new types of users.

One of the value-added outputs of this project – the “Story of Evolution” animation series – offers significant potential for ongoing development and new applications from the point of view of digital collections licensing and innovation, thereby contributing to the development of digital collections knowledge and creating economic value and benefits for the cultural and creative industries.