The Effectiveness of Different Types of Digital Game-based Learning Contents on Children e-Learning - Empirical Study on The Digital Museum of Children Website
作者: Hsin-Chin Liu, Shu-Lin Wang, Tien-Yu Hsu
出處: 2011 International Conference on Information Management,臺中市朝陽科技大學。
發表年份: 2011
In recent years, many studies have proposed that the digital game based learning model can arouse learning intentions for learners, help them to retain memory longer and provide them with chances to practice and feedback to enhance learning effectiveness. Thus, this learning model is widely adopted in supported learning for K12 student groups. Many studies have also shown that the crucial key is that digital game based learning can successfully stimulate internal motives for learners and encourage them to voluntarily participate and actively engage themselves in learning. However, there are a lot of game models available to present various scenarios in diversified forms. How to effectively meet the requirements of digital learning contents for children and design games based on learning objectives is a topic worth further study. Furthermore, how children respond to different types of game-based learning contents is also very important for analyzing the effectiveness of implementing relevant learning models. Thus, based on the flow model, this study attempts to analyze previous literature pertaining to digital game-based learning; discuss three game based learning content types: video and animation, picture and text, and interactive game classified from the website of the Digital Museum of Children, National Museum of Natural Science. We further defined consisting elements for the above three types and conduct empirical research accordingly. The study subjects are elementary school and junior high school students. The ANOVA is applied in this study to evaluate the effectiveness differences between these three types of game based learning contents. This result is then used to identify factors influencing relationships between different digital game based learning types and learning responses and effectiveness for future studies in the development of digital game based learning models.
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